Week 2 – Year 2 – MKE: Tug of War (REPOST by Norman Pilossof)

This year I have the privilege of being a Blog Rover for the Master Key Experience. I love doing this! ❤️ Each week I get to read about the experiences of amazing people who have committed to doing what it takes to uncover their purpose in life or dharma. I’m learning so much from them, am happy & honored to share part of their journey through their blogs, and feel so proud of how they persist even when things get tough.

Below is an example of a blog post that inspired me this week. Norman accomplished a task that he normally avoids and shares insights about the world within, habits, and PPNs. And best of all (for me!) he has a picture of a pug on his post! (I adore pugs, they are so goofy and sweet!) Just click the link below to enjoy Norman Pilossof’s excellent post titled “Tug of War”!

MKE – Week 2 -Tug-of-War

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