Local Entrepreneur Interviewed About Giving Big

For Immediate Release

Spokane, WA, USA (10-24-19)

I’m sitting here on the back porch of a local entrepreneur, Laura Wrixon, asking her some questions about her amazingly successful online business. We’re enjoying a cup of herbal tea, and the scent of the flowers which surround the porch. Occasionally a hummingbird darts past, birds chirp, and I just watched a squirrel run along the top of the fence! I find sitting here talking with Laura very enjoyable! Here’s our conversation:

Shelly:  I’m here today with Laura Wrixon, owner of a local internet-based business here in Spokane that helps people find autonomy, through running a successful online business of their own.

Laura, thank you for meeting with me today. I understand that you are using a pretty unique business model, what you call Pay-it-forward (PIF), would you mind telling me how you came across this unusual model?

Laura: I’d be happy to Shelly. I was introduced to this business model by my mentors Mark and Davene Januszewski. The model is based on the Law of Giving, which basically says you must give first to receive.

I learned of the PIF model firsthand, by receiving a scholarship to the Master Key Experience / Mastermind Alliance course that Davene and Mark offer annually. This course has helped over 3,000 people to become better thinkers this past year and is on track to benefit nearly 30,000 next year!  The class before mine paid for all the students in my year to take the course, we simply paid a $1 to enroll and then met certain requirements along the way to maintain our scholarships. My class voted on whether we should pay for the next year’s class or sell the program. We voted to continue the PIF model, and each of us sponsored 5 future students.  That’s where I first learned of, and lived, this amazing business model. I liked it so much that I decided to adapt it to my internet marketing business!

Shelly: So how does the PIF model work in your business?

Laura: As I said, one of the concepts we learned in the Master Key course was that to receive you must first give.  In my business, I gain subscribers by offering items of value (reports, videos, training, etc.) in exchange for a person’s email address. By continuing to provide value to my subscribers, they are willing to stay connected to me through my email list, and many of them become customers and/or certified partners with me.

The first item of value I give to my subscribers is an eBook or video, depending on the funnel they connect with me through. Either way, they receive training about how to build a successful online business. To be the most profitable though, a new person would want to at least have a squeeze page of their own, leading to an email list signup form, connected to their own autoresponder, so that they could build a list of their own to nurture and make offers to from time to time.

For many people just starting out, setting up a funnel like this is an intimidating task. So, they tend to just use the funnels set up by others, without capturing leads of their own, and they end up losing out on having an incredibly valuable asset, a list of their own, that could totally transform their business.

What I did to pay-it-forward, was choose a few people from my list each month, who wanted to have a funnel of their own like mine and offered to set this up for them for no charge. I simply asked that they pay this forward to 3-5 other people and help them get started in a business of their own, as I was helping them. By having a funnel of their own, my subscribers’ chance of success increased exponentially.

Eventually, I hired people to work for me who helped set up even more funnels for people on my list, and the model absolutely snowballed into the incredibly successful business I have today! Other opportunities opened to me through connections I made with the people on my lists, but the most important result of my giving has been the thousands of people attaining their autonomy through having a funnel and list of their own.

Shelly: What does having autonomy mean to you?

Laura: (laughing) Pretty much everything! The financial success of my business gives me the freedom to use my time and resources as I wish to. I can hire out our house cleaning and cooking, which allows me to care for my family, and at the same time use my time in ways that are more productive and fun for me than cooking and cleaning.

We’re totally debt-free which is the most incredible feeling in the world. I relish the feeling of owing zero money to anyone, and I also love the feeling of security I get when I see income flowing into our bank account daily. Reaching the levels of income I have with this business has allowed both my husband and myself to retire, is funding my son’s college education, and lets me support any cause I’m inspired to contribute to with my time, money, or both.

Instead of working at a traditional job, I now work for myself, which has been my dream for as long as I can remember. In fact, I frequently work out here, on this porch, close to nature and near my family–the joy that brings to me is indescribable!

At one point in my life, I was dealing with several auto-immune diseases. With the financial resources and time my business provides, I was able to discover and implement methods that have completely healed my body.  Having my health restored is an incredible gift that I’m also

so very thankful for!

Shelly: So, what motivated and inspired you to make the changes necessary to allow this health and autonomy into your life in the first place?

Laura: I would have never transformed my life in this way without knowing the things that I’ve learned from Davene and Mark Januszewski. They and all the wonderful people who work with them, including Natalie, my guide throughout the program, GG, Derek, Lori, Dayna—all of them, along with the other guides have given their time and effort to support people like me who are looking to make positive changes in our lives.  I can never repay them for helping me to learn to think for myself in positive ways. Learning to direct my thoughts, in the ways that I choose, has resulted in me manifesting all these amazing blessings in not only my life, but in the lives of my family, my friends, and all the people I’m privileged to work with.

I highly recommend that everyone investigate the Master Key Experience, it is so worth the effort and time that you put into it!

Shelly: Well, you’re certainly a good advertisement for that program! I’m going to investigate it! Thank you for speaking with me today, I’ve really enjoyed our time together!

Laura: Thank you, Shelly, I enjoyed sharing this time with you as well!