Commencement – MKMMA 2018-19

We had our last webinar for this year’s MKMMA and it was a beautiful review of everything we had covered in the past six months. You don’t realize how far you’ve come unless you look back now and then!

I also learned some great news, that there is a lifetime option available so that I can retake the class if I’d like to in September (I’d like!), and we’ll be covering some ‘lost’ chapters of the Master Key which I look forward to reading. As a continuing/lifetime member I’ll also have access to several webinars about those 4 chapters of the Master Key, along with two other webinar series over the summer! So when they called last week’s webinar a Commencement (definition: a beginning or start), they weren’t kidding!

Not only is the lifetime/continuation membership a new start, but more importantly, this moment in time is the start of me being a self-directed thinker, in the sense that I now must choose which of the habits I’ve developed these past six months that I want to continue on with. With the MKE course we received access to an app that we could download to our phone and use to track our progress. I’m still completing those items every day–especially the Og readings! (We’re on scroll six of ten this month, with four more chapters to read before finishing the book–it will be very cool to finish the scrolls in August and celebrate with those of us continuing on during a webinar!)

I decided I definitely want to continue being happy so I’m still flashing my index cards each day (and adding 3 gratitudes along with a happy memory to the cards), doing random acts of kindness, and of course my all important 15-minute sit. I’m taking the time before we have access to the new Master Key lessons to review the 24 we already covered… I love adding key passages to my index cards and expressing gratitude for learning about them–plus that keeps the key concepts fresh in my mind!

I mainly focused on building a positive ‘world within’ these past six months and now that I have a strong base, I’m devoting more hours each week to my health and autonomy smart goals. Excited and confident to be moving forward like a rocket, and ever so grateful for the brilliant education I’ve received these past six months that has accelerated my growth!

rocketing through life!

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