Week 2 – MKMMA

Earlier today I was on the live webinar where this coming week’s information was shared. I’m really excited to be retraining my brain and looking forward to having more control over my world without, by learning more about how I’m creating my world within. Loved learning about the index cards and am looking forward to schooling subby, in a good way! The Q&A after the main training was wonderful–I always pick up something that I  really needed to hear and/or get questions answered (sometimes even questions I didn’t know I had!).

Today’s “aha moment” for me, was when a gentleman called in and was asking about whether he should continue trying to handwrite his notes/readings or print them out, because he said he had ‘bad handwriting’ which made it hard for him to read. That question prompted a deep dive by Mark into how this person was talking to himself, and helped him realize that what he was telling himself is what he is creating in the world without.

Then Mark gave a personal example that was exactly what I needed to hear… he said that lately, and I’m paraphrasing here: his workouts were going great, but he’s been struggling with ‘the fridge’. Wow! That’s basically what I’ve been telling my family, friends and more importantly, myself, and yes, those are the precise results I’ve been getting… good workouts and crappy eating. So now, not only am I working on replacing some of my “bad” eating habits with better ones, I’m also going to observe what I’m saying to myself (and to others) about my eating and hopefully rewrite my story with a much happier ending!

I’m sticking with the daily requirements and the live session today inspired me to add even more gusto and enthusiasm to my daily readings–I want to know at the end of these 6 months (and beyond!), that I gave it my all and have NO REGRETS! Thank you class of 2017, not only my scholarship, but for a tiny glimpse into my future so that I can make it an even better one!

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