Week 3 – MKMMA

This was my first week where my old blueprint was trying to fight back, partly because I’ve had a lot of extra things going on, and have not been getting enough sleep. My body was ganging up on me–along with my old blueprint–because it was tired, and wanted to go to bed without reading GS out loud. 😉

So, I reminded myself of the passage in GS that says you can’t get back a day you miss, and read it anyway!

I’ve actually accomplished quite a bit this week–I wasn’t at all happy with my DMP after last week’s class, because it had almost zero feelings in it, and ditto for sacrifice. I did a quick search online and found a really good resource for positive emotions, that may be helpful for you to refer to as well:

Positive Emotions

From website: http://jackcanfield.com/blog/affirmations/

With the help of this list, I was able to modify my DMP so that now, it’s actually feeling exciting to read it, and creating anticipation inside me for the future to come! It certainly is a process to get this created, but totally worth the effort.  I’m feeling like I have a definite direction to move in now. I didn’t realize how little I focus on what I want, and instead focus on what I don’t want–which explains a lot in my life right now!

I also wanted to give a shout out to Tribe Shine–I really appreciate our tribe mastermind! I was stuck on something this week and received a really great response back from a tribe member, not to mention how helpful our guide, Natalie was and is! It’s great to hear/see firsthand what other members are experiencing, and to be able to communicate with each other through the Marco Polo app.

Now, off to create a ‘movie trailer’ for my new and improved DMP!

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