Week 5 – MKMMA

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I’ve been meaning to share a couple of tips with you, so I’m stopping the procrastination, and “Doing It Now!” Here they are:

Tip #1 – Sit Time Cushion:

I started doing this the week that we needed to sit completely still, and it worked so well for me that I do it every time now!

I noticed it takes me a minute or so to get ‘settled’, and it was eating into my sit time! So I started setting the timer on my phone to 16  or 17 minutes, if I’m doing a 15-minute sit. Then once I’m settled, the timer is already going and I haven’t used part of my sit time to get settled!

Also, I like to make sure the timer is going before I start, so I don’t accidentally take too long, and arrive to work late. With a time cushion, I can glance down at my phone and see that the timer is going… ’cause sometimes I could swear I’ve been sitting for far longer than the time I set the timer for!

Tip #2 – Speed Watching:

I found Jana’s training webinar on reading faster invaluable for saving time–it’s a little awkward at first, but I’m getting faster and comprehending more–with practice!

About a month ago, I ran across a way to save myself time when watching videos. I love that with most YouTube videos you can change the speed it plays back at. However, not all videos have that feature.

A colleague recommended that I go to this site: enounce.com (not an affiliate link!), and check it out. It’s a piece of software you load on your computer that lets you control the speed of videos (up to 3x faster, and can slow them down too, if you like). I did the free trial, loved it, purchased it, and now save myself a ton of time when watching any video. Just like with speed reading, you can train yourself to watch videos faster!

Tip #3 – Emerson’s Compensation Essay

This is a meaty read! I read in the alliances (I believe it was there) a suggestion from another person to watch a YouTube video of a person reading the essay to you. I read it first myself, then listened and watched it being read–it really did help to have a “professional” read it; great cadence and a soothing voice to listen to!  Here’s the link if you’re interested in giving this a try: https://youtu.be/lTYWGWRoYNA

Do you have any tips to share? If so, I’d love to read them in the comments! Thank you!

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