I’m reading an incredible book, The Bullet Journal Method, by Ryder Carroll,


which will tie in nicely with what I am working on for my DMP. I’ve been trying different methods to help keep myself accountable and on track with my business tasks, with limited success but I think this will work nicely!

It’s a combination journal, brain dump, and way to categorize different projects, both personal and professional. I also wonder if the author may have gone through the MKE at some point, since many of the things he writes in his book dovetail perfectly with what we are learning.

Here’s one quick example, of several, that made me think that — in the excerpt below he is talking about how to make effective notes:

One simple way to summarize all these tips is this: Keep your future self in mind. Your Notes will be useless if they can’t be deciphered in a week, month, or year from now. Do your future self a kindness and don’t sacrifice clarity for brevity. It will keep your Bullet Journal valuable for years to come.

See what I mean?! Future self references and kindness!

It almost doesn’t matter what book I read now, I find references to things we are learning about in MKE everywhere I look. Hmmm… that’s probably the Law of Growth at work. What we think about, grows… and shows up everywhere!

Here’s a passage that I read in Ryder’s book that really made an impression. He’s talking about intentionality here:

Think back to a book, a speech, or a quotation that deeply touched you or changed the way you thought about life. It was wisdom that inspired you, that held so much promise. All you had to do was act on this newfound knowledge and things would get easier, better, clearer, more empowering.

Now, how much of this knowledge is still in play–not just intellectually, but practically? Did you become a better person, friend, or mate? Did you keep the weight off? Are you happier? Chances are what you learned has withered, if it survived at all. It’s not that it wasn’t helpful. It just didn’t stick. Why is that?

The rush of our busy lives can quietly carve out a gulf separating our actions from our beliefs. We tend to follow the path of least resistance, even when it leads away from the things we care about. It can require a lot of ongoing effort to effect the change we seek. As any athlete will tell you, you need to tear muscle to build it, over and over again. Like building muscle, we need to train our intentions to make them resilient and strong.

Whereas it’s easy to “forget” to meditate or summon excuses to skip yoga, there are serious and immediate repercussions when we ignore our day-to-day obligations. To successfully introduce a new sustainable routine, it needs to fit into your packed schedule. What if you had a way that championed your intentions and kept you more organized throughout your day?

I’m so grateful that MKE has is filled with so many different ways to help us apply the knowledge we are learning and help us to avoid losing our way in the River of Dreams. Our note cards (I call these my ‘Cards FOR Humanity’ LOL!),

Cards Against Humanity

our shapes, affirmations, the tiny habits, mental diet, NARC, RAK, … it goes on and on. I’ll be ok even if a bullet journal doesn’t end up helping me as much as I’m hoping it will because I have all the applied knowledge and techniques I’m learning in MKE to keep me focused and on track!

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