So over the past few weeks it has been increasingly clear to me that if I can’t control my thoughts, I’ll be pretty much just drifting through the rest of my life. Controlling my thoughts is one of those things that sounds easy enough but once you actually try doing it, you realize what a challenge it actually is!

I’ve used affirmations, humming, and the image related to the story of the bear hugging the kettle to help me to stay on the positive thinking track, with limited success. The bear image really stuck in my head but it also made me feel sad for the bear (something about the way he’s holding his feet is endearing to me). So, I went back to humming and affirmations, and substituted imagery of knocking a red-hot cinder off my sleeve instead of the bear hugging the hot kettle.

I am determined to make it an entire week on the mental diet so I decided to read through Emmet Fox’s Mental Diet every day to see if that would help. I wasn’t successful at adding that to my daily tasks. So I decided to take it down a notch, distill the most relevant points to me from his booklet onto a 3×5 card, and then add that card to my daily readings. Score! That was a much more realistic addition to my current schedule, and reading it 3x daily is really helping to remind me to watch my thoughts “as a cat watches a mouse”!

Another tweak I’m adding is to call it a ‘mental regeneration’ in my head instead of a mental diet because the word diet has some not-so-positive feelings wrapped around it for me. I got that idea from Emmet’s forward to the booklet where he describes the mental diet as “A simple and direct method of psychological and spiritual regeneration…”.

Additionally, I’ve added to the card some of the positive outcomes from the mental regeneration, which Emmet listed in his forward as having been experienced in “a large number of cases”. These include healing, positive relationship adjustments, abundance, happiness, harmony, and peace of mind; and from the booklet itself: my difficulties will go, extraordinary changes, and life becomes attractive and easy. And I made an acronym (KCOP) to easily remember the types of thoughts I want to entertain (kind, constructive, optimistic and positive).

Throughout the card, I peppered several reminders of tactics I’m using to entertain only KCOP thoughts: affirmations, mental discipline, a PMA, and that how I think is my ‘response ability’. I added the four shapes to both sides of the card. I also find it helpful to have a reminder of how to deal with unavoidable negative situations I might find myself in (don’t accept the situation at face value, do anything possible to right matters, give it the right thought, and let it go). And a final tip on the card is that if things in my world “rock”, to hold steady because change is good!

Front of my card
Back of my card

The challenges for me seem to be remaining aware of my thoughts even if I’m preoccupied with something, and overcoming habitual negative reactions to certain situations. By reading Emmet Fox’s booklet several times a week and my index card summary 3x daily as food or energy for my mind, I’m confident I’ll be able to concentrate on creating this harmonious and happy way of thinking into a habit, so that I can more easily connect to Universal Mind and manifest my Definite Major Purpose in life.

I wanted to share this with you so that if you are also having a challenging time keeping your thoughts positive, this may assist you with retraining your brain (I think of this card as my training wheels for the booklet)! You may find different passages of Emmet’s booklet to be helpful for you, so if you decide to use a card like this, be sure to customize it with the passages that resonate the most with you! I had a lot more thoughts underlined in the booklet than I could fit on an index card!

Happy Mental Regenerating!

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