I’d like to share a hack with you that I use with my flashcards. It’s building upon what we already use them for–combining the gratitude piece with things that we are learning and incorporating into our lives each week from the lessons and webinars. We’re already kinda doing it with some of the things we’re learning, like when we stack the deck with a card asking the question: What would the person I intend to become do next? Or when we add various affirmations like ‘Do It Now!’ to our deck of index cards. This just tweaks that concept a tiny bit.

The hack I’m using is to express my gratitude for the things I’m learning in MKE. I consider it a hack because, in addition to being something I’m grateful for learning, by reading it every other day or so, I’m also imprinting the lesson more deeply into my mind and ultimately making it easier to live each day.

It’s no longer a daily review of all the concepts on my cards as I’m up to 4 fairly good-sized stacks of cards so it takes a day or two to flash through them all, but even reviewing them every other day or so is helping me keep these important concepts ‘top-of-mind’. As we near the end of the course, I plan to continue this practice through the end and then wrap back around to the first webinar/lessons and pick out the important things I learned in them to also add as gratitudes to my ever-growing stacks of cards!

I’ll give you a few examples to illustrate what I mean:

The card below is one of five that I created from last week’s lesson about using negative emotions as tools to expand our comfort zones and move our DMPs forward:

I’ve also added a card to the stack each week to remind me of the Franklin Makeover character trait that I’m focusing on for the week:

And the final example is to create a gratitude card for any major ideas shared in the webinar or the current week’s Master Key reading that really resonated with you or had an impact. The thought below about miracles was one of those for me, so I added it to a card as a reminder:

I really am thankful for all that I’m learning in MKE and this hack helps me ensure that I don’t forget the wonderful concepts and tools that I’m learning about each week. As an added bonus it helps me easily come up with 3 or more things daily to be grateful for which, as you know, gets more challenging as time goes on — especially when you’re trying NOT to repeat what you’re thankful for!

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