I chose to watch the movie Mully. It was an incredible story! The main character,  Charles Mully was abandoned as a child in Kenya as a small child. Against all odds he ended up a millionaire with a wife and 8 children. In the movie, he had an experience that reminded him of where he came from, and he accepted the hero’s call to embark on a journey to save abandoned children in Kenya.

Saving those children became his Definite Major Purpose in life. He sold off all of his businesses and started rescuing children from the streets. It wasn’t an easy endeavor but through it all I could definitely see that he maintained a positive mental attitude and he definitely utilized prayer in his darkest hours–his faith enabled him to persist.

I personally would have kept some of the businesses going and had people run them for me as I was rescuing the children, so it wouldn’t have been so scary financially, but that’s not the way he chose to go! I believe people can be good with or without God, and Charles Mully is an example of someone who was good with God.

His ultimate plan of action was to create a self-sufficient community where he could bring the abandoned children and take care of them without having to rely on government aid or donations. He started out with a plan of selling off all his businesses and just focusing on finding and bringing home with him, orphans from the streets. When they ran out of space in their home, they moved everyone to some land he and his wife had purchased to retire on and built their community from the ground up, with the help of the children themselves.

He would have liked to have an MMA with his church, but they kicked him out because he was bringing ‘bad’ children to the congregation! Fortunately, his wife stood by him throughout his entire hero’s journey, and played just as an important part in caring for the children as he did.  She was an amazing mastermind partner. Eventually, his children came to support him also, and many of them are officers of the Mully Children’s Family organization as it is today.

This is an incredible story of persistence and of the impact that one person can make in the lives of thousands–13,000 children rescued to date, in fact. If we had multiple Charles Mullys in the world, there would be no orphans anywhere, ever.


Visit the Mully Children’s Family website

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