Week 4 – MKMMA

I usually do my blog post, read other people’s blogs, and make DMP revisions on my day off (Wed), but that didn’t happen this week. My husband ended up in urgent care that morning, then the emergency room, and finally an overnight hospital stay because doctors were worried he was at risk for a heart attack. After myriad tests, the conclusion is that he’s in no danger, it was a false alarm… and I’m also happy to report that I got in all of my readings, affirmations, sits, etc. during this challenging time–because, well, I promised!
On the other hand, I completely left any sacrifices out of the latest revision of my DMP, so had to put in some work on that this week. I made the rookie mistake we were warned about, of assuming things we need to do just to ‘be in the game’ were actual sacrifices.  Not good enough for what I’m working towards!
I asked myself what it was that was holding me back from realizing my PNPs (autonomy and true health), and I found a couple likely candidates! One, related to autonomy, is that my “T.V.” is reading fiction–I get hooked on a book and the world goes away until I finish it–including not sleeping!
I decided to limit my fiction reading to 2 books, at the most each month, instead of the 1 every couple days that I typically read when I’m stressed and in retreat from the world. This frees up a large chunk of time for me to work on increasing my autonomy. And limiting fiction reading also improves my health, because not being able to put a book down interferes with my sleep–staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning is not a good idea when you get up at 5 am to go to work! 
Then, as I thought about what was holding me back the most from my true health, the biggies for me were that I turn to Starbucks coffees when tired and stressed (which doesn’t help either thing and makes me gain weight), I drink a glass of wine almost every night during the week if I’m having a tough week, which again isn’t helping any of my health issues improve, and I have a real problem staying out of my son’s cookies and lately, the Halloween candy for trick or treaters (that I put in the freezer in an attempt to avoid seeing it–that helped a little but not completely). Sigh. 
Because I’m really good at keeping my promises now, I promised earlier this month (1st of Oct actually), that I would no longer rely on these particular food crutches which have been killer for me, and I’m thrilled to report that I have had ZERO DEVIATIONS from that pledge!
Definitely a new pattern for me.
In the past, I’d just forbid myself from having those foods and be back eating them in a week, but this time I used the advice in GS and replaced each of those bad habits with a good one and am happy to say it’s been working…. day 20 and I’m still keeping my promises to myself! I use apples instead of cookies/candy, and I use hot chamomile tea to relax me instead of wine in the evenings, and a tasty Tazo black tea if I need a little warmth and bump in the morning. 
I intend to keep gradually cleaning up my diet by replacing not-so-good food with better choices. In the past, I think I failed at doing that because I wasn’t serious about keeping my promise, I did too many changes at once without a plan to replace the bad eating with better options, and I didn’t realize what I was giving up by not sticking to my plan–my true health! 
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