Week 5 – Year 2 – MKE: Pack Light (REPOST by Michelle Dahl)

Many years ago I was fortunate to be able to travel to Europe to check out attractions and lodging as part of my job with a youth travel organization. I learned a very important life lesson from that trip–pack light! I was an inexperienced traveler and brought way too much stuff. I was exhausted from hauling my ginormous suitcase all around Europe!

My European travel lesson can easily be applied to emotional baggage like resentments, regrets, or things we haven’t forgiven. Our journey through life will be far more enjoyable and light if we avoid lugging those types of feelings around with us!

The blog post I’m sharing with you this week comes courtesy of Michelle Dahl. She loves music and includes a link to a song in each of her posts that relates to the topic she’s discussing. So, thanks to Michelle, not only am I learning about her MKE journey, but I’m also discovering some new artists I enjoy listening to! Learn about her experience with releasing the past by clicking the link below–and be sure to listen to the song at the end of her post!

MKE — Week 5 (Year 2) — “Pack Your BAGS!”

by Michelle Dahl

Image by songping wang from Pixabay

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